ASX 200 On the Edge Amid Improved GDP Data

Asia Pacific stocks were mixed earlier on Wednesday as Australia’s ASX 200 index inched lower. Australian GDP for the second quarter came in 0.7% higher.

ASX 200 Drifts Higher As Business Activity Dampens

Asia Pacific stocks started the week positively. Australia’s ASX 200 index nudged higher amid decline in the country’s economic outlook.

ASX 200 Dips as Jobless Rate Hits 12-year Low

Australia’s ASX 200 index was in the red amid improvement in the country’s labor market. Miners led the drags in the index after a decline in iron ore prices.

ASX 200 Index Rallies Amid Weak Retail Sales

Australia’s ASX 200 index edged slightly higher on Wednesday despite a decline in retail sales for June and in the second quarter.

ASX 200 Climbs: Mining and Energy Stocks Boost Gains

Australia’s ASX 200 index advanced as lockdown restrictions in most parts were eased. Mining and energy stocks boosted the gains in the index.

ASX 200 Rallies Amid Delta Variant Concerns

The ASX 200 index jumped after a decline in retail sales for June 2021. NSW and Victoria recorded the largest increases in new Covid-19 cases.

ASX 200 Whipsaws as RBA Holds Cash Rates Steady

ASX 200 index inched lower on Tuesday. The RBA announced that they would be maintaining their interest rates until stable inflation.

ASX 200 Tilts Higher Ahead of RBA Verdict

ASX 200 index slightly increased after better-than-expected retail sales data. RBA is expected to announce its monetary policies for July on Tuesday.

ASX 200 Retreats on Sydney Lockdown Concerns

Australia’s ASX 200 index pulled back on Thursday amid stricter restrictions in Sydney. Afterpay was the best performer in the index.

ASX 200 Spikes Above Key Resistance as Victoria Eases Lockdown

The ASX 200 index remained unchanged towards the closure of the markets. Lockdown restrictions in Victoria and Melbourne will be at ease starting tomorrow.