EUR/GBP Eerily Calm In The Wake Of Mixed Economic Data

The EUR/GBP currency pair was at a standstill after mixed European economic data. Employment recorded the highest increase in UK and Eurozone.

EUR/GBP Forecast As Output Growth Slows Down

The EUR/GBP currency pair was trading in negative territory earlier on Monday after the release of the Eurozone Composite PMI data by IHS Markit.

EUR/GBP Holds Steady Following UK’s Inflation

The EUR/GBP pair was almost at standstill after an increase in the UK’s inflation. The European inflation outlook for July will be published later today.

EUR/GBP Dips Ahead of European PMI Data

The EUR/GBP currency pair was trading lower on Tuesday ahead of the Eurozone’s and UK’s Composite and Services PMI for July.

EUR/GBP Holds Still Ahead of UK’s PMI Data

The EUR/GBP was trading almost flat after UK’s mixed retail sales for June. The UK’s manufacturing and services PMI is due later in the day.